September 04, 2018

Right on the heels of Hurricane Lane last month, Sprint is once again ready to respond to yet another major storm - Gordon.  

Ahead of Tropical Storm Gordon, which is expected to make impact across Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi, Sprint has:

  • Installed pumps and raised the equipment platforms at flood-prone sites across the area;
  • Added alarms at sites to help identify water intrusion and address any issues prior to equipment being impacted;
  • Performed ongoing maintenance, and ensured fixed and portable generators are topped off with fuel;
  • Reviewed portable generator storage locations and adjusted fleet counts as needed to better support field teams and restoration/recovery efforts;
  • Continued ongoing upgrades to existing cell sites to leverage all three of Sprint’s spectrum bands – providing a larger coverage footprint, and faster, more reliable service;
  • Ensured emergency response equipment such as SatCOLTs (satellite cell sites on light truck) and VSATs (portable satellite systems) are ready to deploy during emergency events;
  • Conducted periodic training and readiness exercises during the year; and
  • Convened more than a thousand Sprint reservists who are on stand-by and ready to jump into action alongside Sprint’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) during a disaster.

Finally, from fire rescue and medical services to friends and family, make sure all of your emergency phone numbers are programmed into your mobile devices; ensure you have additional batteries and car-chargers for back-up; have a range of different-sized plastic, re-sealable bags on hand to store your technology devices and accessories in the event of flooding; and during and after Tropical Storm Gordon use text messaging when possible due to high call volumes and possible network congestion in the local area.

For everyone in the path of Tropical Storm Gordon, please be safe, check back on this page and follow @Sprint, @SprintCare and @SprintNews for updates,  and take note of additional Sprint tips in the video below.