By Amy Hargroves
December 12, 2012
We are proud that 2012 has been another year in which Sprint has been able to demonstrate its leadership in sustainability. For the second year in a row, Newsweek Magazine recognized Sprint as the 3rd greenest company in America. To make it even better, we’re being recognized for taking actions that we believe in – actions that reduce our environmental impact, help our customers reduce theirs, reduce our costs, increase our revenues and improve employee engagement. That’s about as good as it gets.
The Newsweek ranking came on the heels of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index naming us as the Mobile Telecommunications Sector Leader for North America and the Carbon Disclosure Project’s S&P 500 report listing Sprint as having the second highest score among named companies in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index. We are honored by this recognition and appreciate the value these assessment tools have in driving sustainability throughout the world’s business community. They certainly have been effective gauges that have helped us track the progress of our sustainability efforts as well raise awareness about the business results that can come from such initiatives.
We believe our performance is being recognized based on our “smart” targets and priorities and because of our actual results. We’ve been able to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, drive the development of more environmentally responsible devices, and lead the industry in device collection and recycling. Each of these areas is material to our business and to our stakeholders, and our actions are blazing a path that other wireless carriers are working to follow. This is what sustainability is all about – understanding your impacts and potential, establishing metrics that matter, and making a difference through excellent performance.
Over the past year, we have begun to see the value that comes from sharing our sustainability experiences with others. As we’ve spoken at conferences, contributed articles to publications, or met with our various stakeholders, the message we’ve received has been clear – Sprint’s practical and focused approach toward corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainability is a model that many other companies can follow. The areas of greatest interest include Sprint’s Corporate Responsibility management model, approach to supplier assessment and management, sustainability goal-setting and performance management process.
When we have the opportunity to assist a company in developing their sustainability efforts, we provide three basic recommendations:
·         Start with a review of your environmental impacts and opportunities (complete a materiality assessment)
·         Establish a sustainability governance model (who owns what, how will decisions be made, how will problems be evaluated, etc.)
·         Work with external stakeholders to establish meaningful goals, and then KPIs to measure your progress
We have been pleased, and humbled, at the level of interest in our approach. We look forward to sharing our best practices and working with our stakeholders and other businesses to advance their sustainability efforts.
To that end, we recently published our 2011 Corporate Responsibility Performance Summary and updated the detailed content available on our Corporate Responsibility website. Within the Performance Summary, we provide our new framework for corporate responsibility, our approach, priorities, and metrics, and detail our 2011 performance results for each of our priorities and metrics. We also share the key lessons from 2011 and the plans that guided our efforts in 2012. We are working on new approaches for 2013 that will further enable us to share our best practices to support others interested in replicating our efforts.
Please take a look at our Corporate Responsibility website and our CR Performance Summary. Let us know what you think by contacting us at We appreciate feedback and know there are many opportunities for us to learn from others as we seek to improve our own performance as well as assisting others in improving theirs. Thank you for supporting our journey.
Amy Hargroves leads Sprint’s Sustainability efforts. Her role includes developing and executing environmental programming strategies, establishing the organizational governance and infrastructure to manage sustainability, and helping to embed a more environmentally and socially conscious culture among Sprint’s employees. Ms. Hargroves also acts as Sprint’s resident expert on emission reduction initiatives, sustainable product standards and certifications, while also helping drive a more environmentally responsible supply chain. Under her leadership Sprint has been named sector leader for mobile telecommunications in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index North America (2011 and 2012), included in the Carbon Disclosure Index Leadership Index with the second highest score (2012), and named the 3rd Greenest company in the U.S. on Newsweek’s annual Green Rankings (2011 and 2012).