by Marin Martinovic
Vice President, Marketing
August 05, 2019

In today’s world, professionals take their business on the road whether sitting in an airport, participating in customer events or working from remote locations. This often means signing into public Wi-Fi hotspots – which can be risky.

Without even thinking about it, many of us might send confidential information over unsecured Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi spots at hotels, coffee shops or shopping malls, guest networks at customer or vendor sites can all be unsafe. Hackers can grab your mobile data, including passwords and proprietary business information while the data is being transmitted.

It’s not a small problem. Last year, 566 million travelers had their personal mobile data compromised according to the Today Show.

That’s why Sprint offers a virtual private network app, Sprint Secure Wi-Fi, for smartphones or tablets.

It’s super easy to use – all you need to do is download and open the app. It will do the rest for you. This service encrypts data from your device to the internet so that it becomes virtually impenetrable to anyone trying to grab it.

Sprint Secure Wi-Fi automatically turns on when it detects any Wi-Fi connection, and it turns off when it disconnects from the Wi-Fi, so it doesn’t affect battery life. 

When on, Sprint Secure Wi-Fi encrypts the data transmitted between the device and the internet over the Wi-Fi network, keeping the session and data secure. A seamless public Wi-Fi security solution, it’s one of the easiest Wi-Fi security options to use. You can “set it and forget it” and use public Wi-Fi with confidence.

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Here’s how it works:

  • If you’re a Sprint customer, the Sprint Secure Wi-Fi app is available for download from either Google Play or iTunes Store.
  • Once enabled, the app will automatically alert you via a pop-up notification when you’re about to connect to an unsecure Wi-Fi network.
  • It then offers protection through encrypting critical information.
  • The service can protect password-protected Wi-Fi too.
  • Business lines get Sprint Secure Wi-Fi included with Sprint Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Premium plans or it can be added to other plans for just $1.99 per month per user.

Safe travels and learn more here.