Sprint and Tenor have teamed up to help fans share their feelings during the Big Game

February 02, 2018

In today’s social media landscape, it’s important to get your message out quickly, and with feeling. If you spend too much time searching for the perfect GIF, you might just miss your moment.

This is especially true during Sunday’s game. Every play is another chance to show your pleasure – or displeasure – with the coaching staff, referees or the players on the field. And the players don’t wait for you to find the right GIF to share.

While you’re stuck scrolling through GIFs that just don’t seem to capture your mood, the game goes on.

At Sprint, we get it. That’s why we’ve worked with Tenor, the largest mobile GIF search engine, on a branded GIF campaign to bring you the perfect GIFs this Sunday.

Sprint’s GIFs will be delivered to mobile users across Tenor’s GIF search integrations within major messaging platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Kik. Sprint-branded GIFs will also be found on Tenor’s No. 1 GIF keyboard app, available on iOS and Android.

“Messaging apps are hugely popular with consumers,” said Steve Gaffney, vice president-marketing, Sprint. “This weekend’s big game is one of the most popular cultural events of the year and we want to be part of the fan experience as they ‘share’ and ‘message’ throughout the weekend. This unique campaign is designed to reach people on mobile devices, and working with companies like Tenor helps keep Sprint relevant and is a fun way to engage with fans. Tenor’s program helps brands like Sprint to authentically and effectively reach mobile messaging app users.”

Sprint worked with Tenor to leverage its latest creative campaign – featuring the super-intelligent robot Evelyn – to form short, creative video clips, which were then turned into GIFs. Keywords associated with these GIFs include:

  • Selfie
  • Football
  • Hungry
  • Smile
  • Confused
  • Nervous

So now when it’s fourth-and-1, and people start searching for a “nervous” GIF to share, mobile users will find the perfect Sprint-branded option through Tenor.