by Susan Roberts
Sprint Marketing
April 05, 2019

My 19 year old nephew, Noah, and I bonded over gaming in his younger years. I introduced him to Galaga and Pac-Man, and he introduced me to Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. It was fun to play together, but most of all, I enjoyed just watching him do his thing - he actually knew what he was doing. 

So when I started asking about Fortnite, he told me about Twitch and Ninja. The first time I opened the app and began watching various streamers, I was sucked in, and what started out as an exploration, turned into an hour and a half of video indulgence.  

It’s entertaining, it’s addictive, it’s totally immersive. You can get lost for hours watching your favorite streamers, following all the crazy chats and engaging with everyone in real-time. I love that Twitch also enables you to support streamers by tipping them with Twitch Bits.

Did you know if you get Amazon Prime, you get even more out of Twitch? And with Twitch Prime you get new monthly offers for free games, in-game loot for some of the most popular games, a Twitch channel subscription every month, exclusive emotes, and chat badge. Sprint customers have access to the best of Twitch Prime benefits and discounts included with Prime through Unlimited Premium.

Unlimited Premium is Sprint’s best Unlimited value available. It’s packed with features including the best of shopping and entertainment from Amazon with Prime (which includes Twitch Prime for no additional cost), 100 GB mobile hotspot, Hulu, Tidal HiFi and much more. And now, you can get it all for just $80 per month, a value of over $150 per month.1

Here’s a simple cheat sheet for how to get Twitch Prime with Sprint:

  1. Sign up for Unlimited Premium.
  2. Sign-up for your Amazon Prime membership (on us).
  3. Go to and claim your Twitch Prime benefits.
  4. The website may prompt you to link Prime and Twitch accounts to claim your offer.
  5. Boom. You’re in.

Learn MoreEnjoy all of this on Sprint’s nationwide LTE Advanced Network, which is now up to two times faster than before and Sprint has expanded our total LTE coverage by 30% nationwide.2

1 Excludes taxes, surcharges & roaming. Subject to credit, new line of service & $30 activation fee.

2 Faster compared to Sprint 4G LTE. Reqs capable device.  Coverage not available everywhere. 30% more 4G LTE data coverage with roaming.