November 01, 2016
On Nov. 8, TV sets around the country will be turned on as voters eagerly wait for the final returns in one of the most exciting presidential elections in modern history. Interestingly, in this election, the overall amount of people watching TV “sets” may actually be less than in previous years.

Why? Well, more and more people are using mobile devices to consume content – including news, entertainment and music.

"We expect that alot of Sprint customers will be checking their phones for polling updates and election results from now until November 8," said Ryan Souan, marketing director, Sprint. "With larger screens on smartphones, faster mobile networks and the availability of unlimited data plans, it’s easier and more convenient than ever to stay connected with what’s happening in the world, in real-time."

Indeed. If you enjoy a lot of mobile entertainment and news (i.e., election polling data and results), you know that you can quickly run through your monthly data allocation. So, as this election season nears the end, consider switching to Sprint so you can watch, stream and enjoy (or not) all of the election returns in real time and not worry about how much data you’re using!
Sprint offers data hungry customers peace of mind with Unlimited Freedom:
  • Unlimited talk, text and optimized streaming video and music
  • Unlimited nationwide 4G LTE data
  • $60 a month for one line
  • $40 a month for a second line
  • Lines 3-10 are $30 a month each
Unlimited Freedom beats the other carriers by at least $35/month. 

Where to Watch on Your Mobile Device

And, now for the fun stuff! Here are a few places you can check out election updates leading up to Nov. 8 and also where to watch the results as they come in on Nov. 8!

Buzzfeed will live stream the election night coverage on Twitter. The Twitter live event starts at 6 pm EST. Millions will be focused on election night coverage and results.

Apps to Consider for Polling/Election Update and Results on Nov. 8:

US Presidential 2016 News
2016 Election Central
Fox News
Poll Tracker

P.S. Boost Your Voice

One of Sprint’s prepaid brands, Boost Mobile is throwing its hat into the political arena to take a stand against unequal voting access and help its customers have a say at the polls on Nov. 8.
Boost Mobile stores can often be located in communities where voting inequality problems are most prevalent, so over the past year Boost Mobile has been talking with 817 election boards across the country to propose a new solution: offering Boost Mobile stores to serve as polling places on Election Day.

Boost Mobile is implementing this program in Chicago and three counties in Southern California: Orange, Riverside, and San Diego. Visit for more information.
My vote is with Sprint in 2016!