by Laura Lisec
Director, Consumer Public Relations
July 12, 2018

Well, let me tell you. Even though I can’t sing, I jumped at the chance to step out of my corporate role for a day to be part of a first-ever Sprint music video. Not sure we’ll win any music awards…but it was a day we won’t forget soon.


The challenge started out as a pretty typical corporate directive: “communicate to everyone in America that Sprint now offers tailor-made wireless plans that give consumers more choice at the best value.”  We know wireless plans aren’t going to break the Internet, but we were really excited about this news! And we wanted to show everyone just how excited we were, in the hope that maybe they’d get a little excited too.


So…we decided to sing about it.


Now most of us haven’t rocked the mic before, so we tried not to take ourselves too seriously. We sang an ode to the nearly 50,000 “John Smiths” in the USA, because before today, we had offered the same unlimited plan to each and every one of them. But starting with our new Unlimited plans launching tomorrow…that was going to change!


Cue the one guy we found at Sprint that could actually sing. Mark Thorstenberg. And four pretty good back-up singers. And then…the chorus of wannabe rock stars (I’m on the far left. Yellow t-shirt dress).



Of course, we’re really talking – or singing – to everyone, not just “John Smith.”


I hope you enjoy the video and share it with your friends on social media. But more importantly – to all our customers, new and old, John Smith or otherwise – we love our new Unlimited offers and we hope you do too!