by Steven Spears
Internal Communications Manager
May 31, 2019

You’ve heard a lot about the Hive in the past year. We’ve told you about how it fits into our digital strategy and how the team has tackled projects across the company – but what exactly is the Hive?

For us, the answer is simple: The Hive is a digital transformation accelerator that builds, tests and delivers data-driven digital solutions.

But the answer to “What is the Hive?” isn’t as simple as that. I mean, come on, that sentence is a mouthful – and a confusing one.

We want everyone to be able to grasp the concept of the Hive, and have a true understanding of what they do and how they support Sprint. So gather round, ladies and gentlemen – as we take you on a journey of fun and fascination, explaining the Hive!

The Hive is, essentially, Sprint’s problem solvers. They’re a group of employees who all work in different areas of the business, coming together to offer business solutions to various issues across the company.

Everything they do takes a digital-first approach, with the goal of simplifying processes to make life easier on our employees and customers.

Let me give you an example. We recently had issues with site visits not turning into sales due to customers with bad credit shying away from purchases after seeing the price. The Hive worked through the issue and came up with a solution that resulted in a 14 percent lift in order conversion rate.

The video is great, but it only gives you a small insight of all the work the Hive does. They’re constantly tackling new issues and looking for bigger and bolder ways to bring our customers a great experience.

Hopefully you have a better understanding of what the Hive is and does. The work they do is a huge aspect of our digital transformation and helps us tackle problems and offer solutions in an innovative and timely way.