by Laura Lisec
Director, Consumer Public Relations
June 05, 2018

School’s out and summer’s here; I don’t know about your kids, but my son is thrilled! With summer comes much anticipated “freedom” for my teen: hanging out at the neighborhood pool with his buddies, driving (heaven help me!) and of course, lots of screen time. I want my son to have fun this summer and experience a little 15-year old independence – but I also want to make sure he’s safe. With Safe & Found, a new app from Sprint that provides real-time location updates, powerful parental controls and device security features, I can get that peace of mind.

Families with Safe & Found can use the app to set up alerts for when their children arrive at a destination, or if they’ve ventured outside of a designated safety zone. The app can also block inappropriate web content and apps, restrict calls to only trusted numbers, and manage the amount of time kids spend on certain apps.

Sprint is providing new and existing Sprint customers with the first month free of Safe & Found.  After your one-time free trial expires, continue to use Safe & Found on the Sprint network at only $6.99 per month with coverage on up to five devices. Plus, as always, Sprint delivers the industry’s best price on Unlimited. 1

Customers are pleased with the service:

Safe & Found is convenient for us so that we can know each other’s whereabouts from home and school. Plus, the alerts are a great feature so I can know when my son or daughter leaves a place where I thought they should be at a given time.” – April, Sprint customer

Also, from our friends at AAA:

The 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the most deadly days for teen drivers. This is a timely reminder for parents to be actively involved in their teen’s learning-to-drive process, educate themselves on their state’s teen driving law, and to set limits on their new driver. Tools like Sprint Safe & Found can help parents set and enforce these limits.  AAA also has additional resources, such as a parent-teen driving agreement available at”

- Rich Romer, manager of state relations for AAA.

Safe & Found is available for iOS and Android devices.

For more information:

1 Compared to national carrier unlimited plans, features differ. Speed maximums and use rules apply. Data deprioritization during congestion.